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Lactose intolerance is quite a common condition decreasing the quality of life of millions of people worldwide and forcing them to adjust their lifestyles according to this health issue. Lactose intolerance occurs due to deficiency of a specific small intestine enzyme that helps digestion of sugar lactose. Patients lacking this enzyme cannot break down the lactose, and every time they digest some food containing it, the typical symptoms occur. The manifestation includes nausea, vomiting, watery diarrhea, excessive gas producing and abdominal pain. The treatment comes down to avoiding all nutritions containing lactose. Our website is dedicated to lactose intolerant people with the mission to help them deal with this condition.

What does it mean to be Lactose Intolerant?

Lactose is a type of sugar commonly present in dairy products and some other nutrients. Most types of milk, including human milk, contain lactose. Human digestive system, particularly small intestine cells, a secrete specific enzyme called lactase that breaks lactose down into smaller molecules of glucose and galactose.
Due to genetic predisposition or some previous illnesses or surgical therapies, some patients have decreased levels of enzymes insufficient for digestion of lactose. In this case, digested lactose cannot be absorbed, and the patients develop a specific condition commonly known as lactose intolerance.



Lactose intolerance is frequently confused with allergies to milk proteins, but these are two different conditions. Lactose intolerant patients develop typical clinical presentation mostly involving digestive system after consuming foods containing lactose. Typical manifestations include nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps and watery diarrhea. The abdomen is bloated, and the bowels are irritated.
Most patients are “dose dependent” which means that the severity of their expressed symptoms depends mostly on the total dose of the lactose they have digested. Consequentially, the therapy and the treatment usually comes down to adjusting everyday diet and avoiding ingredients containing lactose. So far, medicine doesn’t provide a definitive solution for lactose intolerance.


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Top 3 Lactose Intolerant Restaurants


Dishoom – top choice for dairy – free restaurant


Restaurant, bakeries and similar shops offering dairy – free products for lactose intolerant people are not so hard to find anymore, but not all of them provide impressive quality of service and menu. Dishroom does. This unique and quite a personal place settled in London serves some of the tastiest meals in London, offering at the same time a wide assortment of dishes designed for the lactose intolerant. Special lactose – free menu includes main dishes, entrees, desserts, soups, drinks and every meal is exotic experience in spite of specific ingredients used to substitute milk – based products. Amazing atmosphere on the verandah or pleasant interior combined with delicious food and no risks for your health are perfect offer for everyone suffering lactose intolerance.

Dairy-Free Pizza in Bend, Oregon


When you visit the west coast of the United States, make sure to try out Pacific Pizza and Brew, a perfect place to get a dairy-free pizza in Bend, OR. You can choose a pizza without any cheese at all, or, depending on your level of lactose intolerance, you can choose one of their farm-fresh or aged varieties that only have trace-to-low levels of lactose. In addition, check out their amazing beer and wine selections. If you’re somehow doubly “blessed” by also being sensitive to gluten, they also have many gluten-free options. Local-sourced ingredients and a nice atmosphere. Definitely, a place to put on your map if you’re traveling within the Bend or Mt. Hood, Oregon areas.


Top dairy – free service right in NYC


Since Big Apple is overwhelmed with high-class restaurants, you have to be quite familiar with “the market” to pick the one that suits you best. This turns out to be particularly challenging if you’re looking for a place serving delicious dairy – free meals. Bareburger is our choice and recommendation. Their impressive assortment of salads, burgers, sandwiches and desserts, all mixed out of lactose – free ingredients, but providing unique flavors are an excellent choice for everyone struggling challenging everyday diet limitations. All risky ingredients are substituted with tasty and nutritious alternatives combined into meals providing all the nutrition you need.

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dannaDana Pastore, MD, is licensed, experienced and highly professional dietitian settled in NYC. Her decade-long career in nutrition and wellness counseling, several prestige awards and hundreds of satisfied patients made her our first choice for nutrition specialist. She provides her expert’s knowledge about lactose intolerance in many articles in our webpage.

SteveSteve Movva, MD, is a specialist in gastroenterology, particularly focused onto malabsorption syndromes, food allergies, and lactose intolerance. For over 30 years of medical practice, he’s been treating patients with lactose intolerance and his valuable knowledge, skills, and experience are integrated into all medical guidelines you’ll find on our website.

BobbyBobby Ray is a sort of celebrity well known among all food lovers. He’s a chef and the owner of several dairy – free restaurants. He is in charge of providing creative ideas for specific diet lactose intolerant people depend on. Here you will enjoy his recipes, cooking instructions, valuable tips, and cooking skills.

AnthonyAnthony Rogerson, MD, is our associated clinical professor and expert in metabolism, endocrinology, and nutrition. After decades of teaching and treating patients, metabolism and dysfunctions of absorption are his fields of expertise. All the questions and dilemmas you ask are navigated right into his virtual office. The answers are signed by this respected scientist and clinician.

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