When being lactose intolerant, you need to be informed about all the aspects of this health issue, about eating limitations, nutritive options and finally to be inspired enough to stick to your lactose-free diet without lacking a chance actually to enjoy your food. Considering that all commonly available milk contain lactose, as well as cheese and butter, you will have to explore alternative ingredients to substitute these milk-based nutrients. Many of these substances are necessary for the mere process of cooking, baking or frying, so you will have to practice some tricks and methods of preparing the food without them. However, with the right information and directions, just a little skill and knowledge, you can prepare complete and rich meal tasting excellent and providing all the calories and elements your body needs. In this article, we listed some advice and tricks you might find useful and gave you the example of one delicious lactose – free meal.

Avoid milk-based ingredients during food preparation

Lactose free dinner

When baking or frying, most people use butter or some milk. When preparing lactose – free meals, you will have to avoid these ingredients and substitute them with equivalents. Dairy – free spreads are commonly available, and soya yogurt replaces average yogurt quite well. Coconut oil serves instead of butter when baking, though many of these substitutes require adding lemon or sugar to meet expected taste.

Commonly available alternatives

There is a wide collection of these products you can use as replacements for dairy, but the most frequently used are oat milk, rice milk, and soya milk. Oat milk has a strong taste, and it fits great with cereals. Rice milk is sweeter than an average milk, which makes it a perfect substitute for desserts, drinks, and light meals. Soya milk, as well as soya cheese, are widely available and have the most similar taste to usual forms of milk and cheese. Soya products are convenient for all types of meals.

Pick your recipe

Lactose free dinnerWe have created a rich database of dairy – free dishes divided into three main categories and many subcategories. Three main categories are based on the dose of lactose you can tolerate. Many lactose – intolerant people can’t handle lactose at all, but there are also many patients who won’t express symptoms after taking a small dose of the milk-based product. Thus, we provide you with a collection of recipes for meals completely free of lactose, another collection of those containing a small dose of lactose and the third group of recipes containing cheese.

An idea for lactose – free dinner

At the bottom of the article, you will find precise doses of all ingredients and detailed instructions for preparation of this meal. Here we present you delicious dairy – free light meal perfectly suitable for dinner. Lamb slice spiced with garlic mayonnaise. Required ingredients include egg yolks, salt, and pepper, olive oil, garlic cloves, lamb slices and breadcrumbs. All the ingredients are lactose – free, the dish is easy to cook, it won’t consume your time, and finally, even without lactose and dairy products, it will provide you with all the necessary nutrients.