Lactose intolerance imposes some limitations to your everyday diet, which does not have to be a dread when you prepare your meals. The problem occurs when you’re supposed to have a meal at the restaurant, especially if you are somewhere abroad. It was only recently that some big influential restaurant chains recognized catering of lactose intolerant guests as a profitable investment and launched places specialized in serving these types of meals. Nowadays, you only have to reach some useful information, and you’ll certainly find the restaurant suitable for your health issue in all bigger cities. Truth to be told, not all of them offer the same quality service level, so we have created a list of our favorite places you should check up if finding yourself around.

Sweet surprise for lactose intolerant people

lactose intolerance restaurantsThere’s a delicious place in Brooklyn called The Ice Cream Shop offering an impressive array of lactose-free ice creams. All the ingredients used to mix these amazing tastes are vegan ingredients, free from lactose completely. Elimination of lactose didn’t stop these cooking masters from creating a wide collection of delicious desserts. If you are looking for a place for a quick sweet meal that takes your health issue into consideration, this shop is the place you need on your map.

There truly is a regular tasting lactose-free pizza

However impossible it sounds, Mandy’s Pizza is the latest product introduced by one famous pizzeria in Pittsburgh designed especially for lactose intolerant people. The regular cheese is substituted with the most similar alternative, and pretty much all other ingredients are there, so it truly tastes like the regular delicious pizza. The only difference is that you are not risking triggering of your digestive symptoms when eating it.

Bakery in Brixton

Top lactose intolerance restaurantsMs. Cupcake bakery truly cares about your complicated relationship with certain nutrients. This place offers entirely vegan menu, but their assortment of meals and products is impressive. If the lactose is the issue, you may rest assured you won’t get sick after eating their sandwiches, cookies, muffins or cupcakes.

Tao vegan restaurant

This cozy and attractive vegan food restaurant settled near Piccadilly Circus offers various vegetable meals combined with adequate types of meat and completely lactose-free. The prices are affordable; the assortment fits everybody’s taste and the fresh, and delicious dishes won’t harm your body in any way.

There’s a place in Tulse Hill

Yup, there’s a place in Tulse Hill called Green, serving a great variety of meals completely free from animal products. The restaurant is specific, original, but rather pleasant. The assortment includes soups, main dishes, desserts, entrees and several specialties. All the meals are lactose-free and completely safe for those intolerant to this ingredient.

lactose intolerance restaurants

As you can see, many restaurants worldwide recognized the need to serve modified meals adjusted to specific diets of some guests. It’s not so hard to find a place where you will get delicious dishes, rather affordable, delicious and still customized to protect you from health risks and physical discomfort.